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We specialize in providing innovative Refrigeration and HVAC solutions that optimize equipment operation and control energy costs. Our fully licensed team of technicians is experienced in all aspects of Refrigeration, H.V.A.C., and Automation Control. Plus, we focus on CO2 Refrigeration systems, the most environmentally friendly option available.

Licensed by the T.S.S.A.
Member of the HRAI

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We service the equipment listed below and more:

We specialize in providing innovative Refrigeration and HVAC solutions that optimize equipment operation and control energy costs in Hamilton, Ontario

Sustainable CO2 Refrigeration Solutions

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Optimize Performance with Tabreed Thermal Control

Environmentally Friendly

CO2 Refrigeration is the most sustainable refrigerant available, with a global warming potential of 1 (compared to 1,430 for R-404A). Choosing CO2 Refrigeration systems reduces your carbon footprint and helps protect the environment.


CO2 Refrigeration systems are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, including commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, and HVAC. They can work with existing equipment, making them a highly adaptable option for businesses of all sizes.

Cost Effective

Despite the initial investment required for installation, CO2 Refrigeration systems can provide significant long-term cost savings. Their energy efficiency and reduced maintenance needs translate into lower operating costs for your business.

Energy Efficient

CO2 Refrigeration systems are highly energy efficient, reducing your energy consumption and operating costs. They can achieve up to 10% energy savings compared to traditional refrigerants.


We would like to thank our customers for reposing their faith in tabreed and we are committed to serving them with best and class services.

nice guy, very professional and friendly great service! hard to find these days! call him for all your HVAC needs and services! he also does Refrigerations and services soft serve machines.

Wadi muhammad

Service is fantastic, nicest guy you ever wanna meet. Tells you exactly what's wrong with your equipment and fixes it properly, doesn't tell you to go buy another one. Worked with many other repairmen and this is the only guy I will call from now on. I recommend this service 100%!!

Rosedale Sports Bar

Highly recommended his service. Highly skilled and knowledgeable guy. Very reasonable price and explain everything while he works. Call him for any HVAC related work. Trustworthy guy

Dien Woudenberg

They were great - thank you for solving our problem with our soft serve machine - its running great now They were there till late after hours helping us - he was very nice and helpful

Ancaster Ice cream Parlour

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